I was wrong. Cinderella shall go to the ball

John Adams —  August 27, 2014 — 12 Comments
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My daughter will look something like this having returned from Scotland (Photo credit below).

My eldest daughter has just said something to me. It was a very simple choice of words, but it showed that, every now and again, I need to rethink my priorities.

If you can picture the scene, a very busy weekend is on the horizon. It’s the weekend immediately after Helen, my eldest, will have returned to school and started in Year One.

As luck would have it, my brother-in-law’s birthday party is taking place in Scotland that very weekend. It’s a significant party, the kind you don’t want to miss.

To muddy the waters further, I have a long-standing engagement in the diary for the Sunday and following Monday. This means I can’t attend the party but had suggested my wife take our toddler and leave me at home with the eldest.

This seemed like the most straightforward suggestion. Having returned to school, our eldest would be tired and a little stressed. She wouldn’t really need the upset of catching a flight to Scotland or a late night at a party. Out toddler, meanwhile, doesn’t have the pressure of school and the Scottish family would be just as grateful to see her as Helen.

My wife had other ideas. She wanted to take Helen “because she’d get more out of it” being older. My wife had already looked into flight prices for the two of them. I wasn’t convinced this was a good idea, in fact I still think it’s a crazy idea, but I’d explained to my wife exactly what I thought. On her head be it.

A short while ago I received an email from my wife. She had booked the flight tickets. I went and told Helen that she was going to the party “with mummy.”

Her face lit up. She responded with the following killer statement;

“That’s good daddy. I’ll get to spend some time with mummy. It’s sad that I don’t get to see so much of mummy.”

Yes, she’ll return to school totally knackered after a late night and the stress of travelling. Whatever homework is set that weekend will almost certainly remain uncompleted.

As I’ve already said, I think the idea is totally hatstand, but sometimes what I think doesn’t matter. Helen will get to spend time with her mother and that has made her a very happy young girl.

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12 responses to I was wrong. Cinderella shall go to the ball

  1. Sometimes things are more important. In a few months time, will your girl have necessarily remembered how tired she felt? Or what exactly she learnt that day? Nope. She’ll remember spending some pretty awesome time with her Mum. Fab post :) #pocolo

    • Yes, I perhaps didn’t appreciate this at first but you’re absolutely correct. Helen will remember the party and spending time with her mum.

  2. Grace says – I always love spending time with Mummy so think this post is AWESOME!!! Sending you all XL MEGA High-5’s for one of our favourite posts on #pocolo this week :) #

  3. awww bless her, I hope she is not to tired and that the trip goes well :-) .. sometimes that time is more precious than anything else x

  4. I am sure they will have fun. As you said a party no one wants to miss =) #pocolo

  5. Aww how lovely is this post! I’m sure they’ll have a great time!! :)

  6. Ah, that’s great news. Mummy time is very important indeed :) Thanks for linking! #PoCoLo

    • Thanks Steph. Considering my wife’s work hours, it is very important indeed. They can be very demanding so the two of them should spend time together.

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