A Tanzanian safari

I am very fortunate to have travelled to Africa a few times. I’ve seen the deserts of Egypt and the craziness of Cairo.

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The Ngorongoro Crater, Arusha, Tanzania. Photograph by Ray Rui on Unsplash.

I’ve also seen the mountains of Morocco and wandered around the souks of Marrakech. I’ve been very lucky to have travelled to several of the islands that make up the Seychelles and seen some of the rain forest that exists there.

What I have never done, however, is been on an African safari. The idea has always appealed, but I have never had the opportunity. I have known people go on safari in destinations such as South Africa and Namibia.

A recent survey from tour operator Tanzania Odyssey, however, has found that the East African nation it is named after sits in the top 5 destinations people would most like to visit. The survey also shows that exploring the countryside and seeing the amazing wildlife as part of a safari is a very common wish.

A Tanzania safari has the potential to rival anything you might experience at a different destination. Most of the Serengeti National Park is based in Tanzania, as is the Ngorongoro Crater which is also a very popular destination for anyone wanting to go on safari.

Wilderbeest, chimpanzees and rhino could all be on the itinerary. Tanzania Odyssey’s survey certainly suggests it would be for most visitors. In total, 46% of respondents said they would like to go on safari if they visited Africa.

It’s all very well so many people wanting to go on safari, but what would they want to see? Tanzania Odyssey’s survey reveals 39% said it was the exotic wildlife. Animals such as elephants, giraffes and lions were popular. This was most people’s idea of heading out into the African countryside and what they might encounter.

Fractionally fewer, 38.8%, felt an African safari was all about wide, open plains. Others wanted the romantic experience of dining under a canopy of trees 21.1%. Interestingly, nearly 11% thought the experience would be like something from the classic film Out of Africa.

The autonomous region of Zanzibar is well known for its amazing coastline, not to mention its famous son, Freddie Mercury. The late Queen singer who was born in Zanzibar and lived there as a young boy. Even so, while the kind of relaxing beach holidays you can have in Zanzibar were popular with nearly 21% of respondents, the survey suggested that a safari break was much higher up most visitor’s agenda.

This is hardly surprising. Relaxing beach holidays are available in many different destinations. Only in Africa can you experience a safari break and with much of the Serengeti National Park and other safari hot spots in the country, you can see why Tanzania has such broad appeal.

Having never been on an African safari tour, I’d have to keep Tanzania in mind. This East African country clearly has a huge amount to offer anyone interested in exploring the amazing wildlife and equally amazing countryside of Africa.


Disclosure: This commissioned article was produced in association with Tanzania Odyssey.


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