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Articles about pregnancy and birth from the father’s perspective. Here you’ll find articles about inducing labour, what to expect in the delivery room and why dad should be in the delivery room. There are also a range of articles looking at toddlers and the early years of a child’s life (which I have classed as zero to four years of age).

Persuading a reluctant toddler to take her medicine

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This is a sight that gives Toddler Adams the fear. I really don’t know how we should handle it. Pic credit below.

I’ve faced a new challenge this week. It’s taken me quite by surprise; getting our youngest daughter to take medicine.

The little mite has, unfortunately, had a mild dose of tonsillitis. The GP prescribed her antibiotics to clear it up. View Post

How do you deal with nightmares?

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I can’t really blame this guy for giving Toddler Adams nightmares.

I am lacking in sleep, courtesy of Toddler Adams having nightmares. The result has been whaling and drama in the middle of the night. Peace has only been restored when I have settled down to sleep on a mattress in her room

While this approach has settled her down, I’m a bit concerned. If it goes on too long, I’m worried she’ll expect it every night. Call me old fashioned, but I feel the natural place for me to sleep is in the room next door with Mrs Adams, not on a mattress designed for toddlers underneath a blanket featuring an Anna and Olaf print.

This is unchartered territory for Mrs Adams and I. We’ve been supremely lucky with our two kids. Since the earliest days, they’ve settled at night with ease. Sure, there’s been the occasional bad night but they’ve been so few and far between I think I can count them on the fingers of one hand.

In other words, we’re not used to dealing with screaming children at three am. The occasional wet bed or nightmare that’s dealt with via a cuddle, yes, but full on tantrum, no.

Even so, we have learned a valuable lesson. Toddler Adams watched a documentary with her big sister the other day. It was about dinosaurs. It was all very anodyne and part way through she wandered off, bored with the whole thing.

With retrospect, however, it maybe wasn’t all that wise to let her watch this programme. Something about it registered with her because nightmare she complained of featured…dinosaurs.

That said, I have got another theory. While I don’t doubt for a second she’s had nightmare or two, her reluctance to sleep alone has coincided with the arrival of a new bedside lamp. She’s always insisted on sleeping with a light being left on so she isn’t hugely photo sensitive.

Only thing is, for the past two nights I’ve made it a condition that if I sleep in her room, the light goes off. She’s whinged a bit, but dropped off very quickly after I’ve turned the light out.

I have a sneaky suspicion the bulb in the light is too bright. Either that or it’s that bit closer to replicating sunlight, leaving her sleep disturbed.

One of my first jobs today will be to replace that bulb. As for dinosaur documentaries, they’re already off the menu.

If, however, you have any hints and tips for placating a toddler upset by their dreams, please do leave a comment below. I’m really not sure I want to keep Anna and Olaf company for a third night.

Pic credit: Scott Kinmartin. Reproduced under Creative Commons agreement. Sourced from

The ideal adult to child ratio

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The Pied Piper of Hamelin. I think this guy took the child-to-adult ratio a little bit too far. Pic credit below.


I want to ask a random question of you guys. What is the ideal adult to child ratio if you wish to; a) have a relaxing time in adult company while b) letting your children play and mingle with friends?

The magic figure I’ve heard is two adults to four children. Aside from the odd request for a drink or shoe lace that requires tying, this should, in theory, leave the grown-ups free to chat while the kids go and play. View Post

Infographic; Fitting child-safe window blinds

When we bought our house, both our children’s bedrooms had blinds with long dangling cords that could have become caught around their necks. Recognising this to be a safety risk, we swiftly removed them.

We were particularly concerned about our toddler. If anything, the risk is greater as she’s a bit older and in a ‘big girl’s bed’ so can wander around her room at will. Now she’s out of a cot, I can see just how much of a risk a blind cord poses to a curious child. View Post

Nobody likes a grass

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Grass, snitch, telling tales, call it what you will. It’s becoming common place in this household to tell mum and dad about your sister’s misdemeanors.

There’s been a worrying development in this household. For some reason our two children have turned supergrass. If one of them sets a foot wrong, the other will come running to mummy or daddy and inform them about what’s just happened.

Meal times are generally the worst. Our dining area is set apart from our horrible, long, galley-style kitchen (building work will soon begin to create an open plan kitchen/diner). Every time a fork gets dropped or a cup needs refilling you have to leave the room for 30 seconds. View Post