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Five top tips for moving with toddlers

Moving house can cause even the calm and collected parents to have a mini melt-down. As parents, we love our toddlers, but factoring in these tiny ticking time-bombs can be a real struggle and bring operations to a halt. Mums and dads should not fear the prospect of a Peppa Pig-fuelled tantrum in front of

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Trying out the Joie ‘every stage’ car seat

You know those items used every day without really thinking about them? Well, I think a child’s car seat has to be one of them. You strap your child (or children) into them every day, possibly more than once a day, without giving it too much thought. Unexpectedly your offspring will make a remark that

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Introducing the Finnish maternity package.

Finland; a Nordic nation with a small population, short winter days and long winter nights. A nation famous for giving us Nokia, the Moomins and Lordi, the outrageous rock group who won the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest. It’s also a nation with one of the lowest infant and maternal mortality rates in the world. This

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Pushing boundaries the pre-schooler way

Someone help me with a puzzling issue I have. Why is it my pre-schooler is more willing to do what she’s told when the request comes from a non-parent? I’ve noticed Elizabeth has become a lot more stubborn recently. I think she is going through a stage where she is testing boundaries. If there is

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Persuading a reluctant toddler to take her medicine

I’ve faced a new challenge this week. It’s taken me quite by surprise; getting our youngest daughter to take medicine. The little mite has, unfortunately, had a mild dose of tonsillitis. The GP prescribed her antibiotics to clear it up.

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