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How do you deal with nightmares?

I am lacking in sleep, courtesy of Toddler Adams having nightmares. The result has been whaling and drama in the middle of the night. Peace has only been restored when I have settled down to sleep on a mattress in her room While this approach has settled her down, I’m a bit concerned. If it

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The ideal adult to child ratio

  I want to ask a random question of you guys. What is the ideal adult to child ratio if you wish to; a) have a relaxing time in adult company while b) letting your children play and mingle with friends? The magic figure I’ve heard is two adults to four children. Aside from the

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Infographic; Fitting child-safe window blinds

When we bought our house, both our children’s bedrooms had blinds with long dangling cords that could have become caught around their necks. Recognising this to be a safety risk, we swiftly removed them. We were particularly concerned about our toddler. If anything, the risk is greater as she’s a bit older and in a

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Nobody likes a grass

There’s been a worrying development in this household. For some reason our two children have turned supergrass. If one of them sets a foot wrong, the other will come running to mummy or daddy and inform them about what’s just happened. Meal times are generally the worst. Our dining area is set apart from our

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Nap time; all good things come to an end

I knew we would reach this point. I also knew, now Toddler Adams is three years of age, that it would be sooner rather than later. Yes, that’s correct, afternoon nap time has officially and quite suddenly come to an end. It was only a couple of weeks ago that I was collecting Elizabeth from

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