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Family finances

The cost of family life

A dad I know  once gave me a fascinating insight into the true cost of family life. He was reeling off a list of items he was buying his teenage kids for Christmas.

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Family Life & parenting

Trying – and failing – to keep it together during the school holidays

I love the school holidays. With no school run and less pressure, they’re a great way to spend quality time with the kids undertaking activities we often don’t have time for. These breaks come with a catch though. What is it about the school holidays that takes a normally organised, vaguely competent parent and turns

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Family Life & parenting

A sneaky preview of Class of Mum and Dad

Do you ever find yourself flummoxed at how much schooling and education has changed over the years? Do you ever wonder exactly what your kids get up to during the school day? If so, a new TV series called Class of Mum and Dad may have some answers for you and I have been fortunate

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