School Days

Blog posts about school, schooling, school uniform, homework, education and being a part of a school community. Also, articles on staring school, preparing for a child starting school and entering Reception class not to mention SATS, residential school trips and preparing for your child for secondary school.

Pressure in the education system

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Were children under so much pressure ion the old days? Photo credit below.

Are you concerned about the amount of pressure children are put under in the education system? It’s something I have previously written about, although with only one young child at school the pressure isn’t too bad at this stage.
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What it was like returning to school


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School gates; a daunting site for any stay at home dad.

Just over a year ago my eldest, Helen, started school. I was nervous about this event. It wasn’t just the fact my daughter would need settling into school, but the fact that I would be doing the pick up and collection each day. In other words, as a stay at home dad I would be settling into a predominately female school community. View Post

I have a problem with homework No 2

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Is your home also a classroom over the summer holidays?

Last week I published a post about homework and how I was a little concerned about the amount my reception aged daughter, Helen, had been expected to do over the last academic year. As we’re now in the midst of the school holidays, I’m curious to know what other parents think about kids doing some work over the summer break?

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I have a problem with homework No 1


Is this scene familiar to anyone?

This is the first of a couple of blog posts I plan to write about homework. In this one, I shall comment on the amount children are expected to complete. It’s the one thing that has troubled me about Helen’s first year at school. View Post

No umbrellas at school!

The problem with telling my daughter she can’t keep her umbrella with her at school is that I end up walking back to the car carrying this…