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Parental guilt v parental frustration. Which do you suffer from?

When it comes to parental guilt, I am something of an expert. Guilt follows me everywhere, but I have been wondering whether it really is guilt, or frustration at not being able to do 100% for my kids 24/7, 365?

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Is it parenting guilt you experience? Or is it frustration that you can’t do something for your child?

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Can you help your children with their maths homework?

I did something a little out of the ordinary the other day. While taking part in a live television broadcast discussing maths homework, I admitted one of my greatest regrets.

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L-R Joanna Gosling, who was presenting the Victoria Derbyshire show, mathematics enthusiast and teacher Bobby Seagull and me, telling the world how badly I did in my GCSE maths exams.

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My experience of fatherhood is different to most

I sometimes look at my life and have to remind myself my experience of fatherhood is very different to many other menfolk. Put bluntly, my existence has gone off in a completely different direction compared to my male peers who work full-time.

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The Great Homework Debate

A chance remark by a comedian has re-ignited the debate about homework. It’s a bit of a perennial this one. Rather like the school sports day issue, it’s a bonfire that never quite goes out quite, its embers flaring up from time to time.

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Casting my eye over my daughter’s homework diary. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep a straight face while taking a self portrait.

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Alternative parenting milestones

There I was, tidying up, ironing clothes and cleaning our house. As I did so, my mind wandered to all those parenting milestones us parents go through: Pregnancy, birth, baptism, first day at nursery, first day at school and so on.

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We all know and talk about the usual parenting milestones, but there are many others.

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