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The Great Homework Debate

A chance remark by a comedian has re-ignited the debate about homework. It’s a bit of a perennial this one. Rather like the school sports day issue, it’s a bonfire that never quite goes out quite, its embers flaring up from time to time.

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Casting my eye over my daughter’s homework diary. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep a straight face while taking a self portrait.

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Alternative parenting milestones

There I was, tidying up, ironing clothes and cleaning our house. As I did so, my mind wandered to all those parenting milestones us parents go through: Pregnancy, birth, baptism, first day at nursery, first day at school and so on.

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We all know and talk about the usual parenting milestones, but there are many others.

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Did the summer holidays have to end?

After six weeks with no school run, yesterday was the day my darling children returned to school. Having dropped them off in the morning, I dashed home and excitedly got on with a variety of DIY tasks that I had been wanting to deal with all summer.

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I’m not celebrating the end of these summer holidays. I’d have been happy if the kids had a few more weeks off school.

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Enjoying Subway NFL Flag

While watching the World Cup with my kids, I faced a few awkward questions from Helen, my eldest daughter. She wanted to know why no women were playing and while I did explain there was a female game, she seemed unconvinced by my explanation, clearly picking up on the comparative lack of razzmatazz surrounding women’s soccer. This begs the question: What if kids like my daughter could play a football game in mixed sex teams?

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NFL London Games players Jurrell Casey (front left, Tennesse Titans) and Neiko Thorpe (front right, Seattle Seahawks) pictured at the NFL Flag Summer Bowl finale.

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Food poverty during school holidays, FareShare and the #ActiveAte campaign

It’s summer time. The schools are on holiday and many parents are (……kind of) relaxing and taking it easy. For some of the most vulnerable families in the UK, however, this is a time of increased stress and financial pressure and, sadly, a time when many children go hungry or have to tolerate a poor diet.

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Over the school summer holidays, 3 million children are at risk of experiencing food poverty. I speak to Alison Walsh from the charity FareShare to learn about its #ActiveAte campaign that is addressing this issue.

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