First picnic of the year #CountryKids

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It’s not a great photo but it shows a significant moment; the first picnic of 2015. #CountryKids

Let’s just get one fact into the open, this photo will never win any prizes! Even so, it shows a significant moment; the first family picnic of 2015.

I took the picture yesterday. Although still a little on the cold side, it was a glorious day. Helen, my eldest daughter, had sepcifically asked if she could have a picnic at a nearby park after school. I was delighted to go along with this idea. Considering the weather, it would have been criminal not to.

The timing worked out well. Earlier in the day Helen was given an award for doing good school work. It was, therefore, a celebratory treat! The picture shows Helen and her little sister Elizabeth tearing into the food that I had packed for this al-fresco dining experience.

As the days have lengthened, we have done a few post-school visits to the park. Thus far it’s been quite cold and we haven’t stayed out much longer than 30 minutes. Even so, it’s made such a difference to home life. The kids have enjoyed themselves and I’ve also enjoyed the fresh air. Ever the country boy at heart, I’m hard wired to spend every possible minute outside and I try to encourage this in my offspring.

I’ve added this post to the #CountryKids linky hosted by the Coombe Mill blog. Give the badge below a little ‘ol click and it will take you direct to the linky and you can see what outdoor activities other bloggers have taken part in this week.

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9 thoughts on “First picnic of the year #CountryKids”

  1. We had an impromtu picnic in West Bay last week – no picnic rug or cups – just handing out sausage rolls and sausages as if we put them out they would have blown away! Still, a picnic is a picnic lol

  2. Iona@Redpeffer

    I am really looking forward to eating outdoors again without freezing! Here’s to Spring and Sumer.

  3. Yay to picnics outdoors. I must say we picnic on days out all year round. With 8 of us it is the only affordable option and always more fun and relaxed than asking the kids to sit still and wait in a restaurant which for me is anything but relaxing! I love this time of year with the days drawing out, it really does make afterschool activities possible again. Thank you for sharing your first picnic on Country Kids and I hope you will enjoy many more together this summer.

  4. We had our first trip to the beach today and looking forward to our frst picnic. So excited for the warmer weather. Looks like a lovely treat for winning an award at school.

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