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This is one way to improve your home’s security, although it isn’t recommended. Composite doors are much more practical and less likely to upset the neighbours. Pic credit below.

My local police force is very active on social media. Not only does it run a legendary Facebook page, but its community officers excel at issuing round robin emails about crimes committed in the local area. As it’s presently National Home Security Month, I’ve been keeping a very close eye on the emails the boys and girls in blue have sent me.

Information like this is very useful for a family such as ours. It’s a constant reminder to keep the kids’ bikes locked up and never to leave anything of value in the car.

Speaking of the car, I walked out to it one morning.  I was about to pile the children into it for the school run but noticed it was even more messy than usual (which is hard, trust me). I’d unwittingly left it unlocked and someone had gone through everything, leaving carnage behind them. The one thing they made off with; an iPhone charger cable!

I digress. When the police issue these emails, break-ins feature heavily on the list of crimes committed. Sometimes people are simply foolish or forgetful and do what I did; they leave a door unlocked and a thief makes the most of it. Other times the house isn’t secure because the doors or windows are of poor quality.

We had this issue when we bought our house. The doors at the rear of the property weren’t at all secure. We replaced them with composite doors that present a considerably greater challenge to any thief.

There are many suppliers of such products but one is Dolphin Windows. It’s not like one of the massive companies you see regularly advertising on television. It’s a family run firm specialising in uPVC doors, composite doors and conservatories.

Of course security isn’t the only reason to fit composite doors and windows. They’re also much more energy efficient so your fuel bills will fall over time. Modern doors and windows also require less maintenance.

Unfortunately, however, my local coppers can’t offer much help on that front! If they’re not busy catching criminals, they’re advising people how to ensure they aren’t victims of crime.

Pic credit: David Brossard, reproduced under Creative Commons agreement.

Disclosure; This post was produced in partnership with a home security specialist.

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  1. October 29, 2015 / 9:43 am

    Ha ha ha I LOVE the tank! I can just imagine it… Obviously a bit more expensive and costly on the MOT front too I expect. I’m sorry to hear you got rifled. It infuriates me that people think it’s ok to take other people’s things and it’s such a violation. So pleased they didn’t take much but less pleased they didn’t tidy up after themselves.

  2. John Adams
    October 30, 2015 / 6:03 am

    It was the mentality that got me. If they’d looked properly they’d have found a pneumatic pump for filling the car tyres worth about £50. Instead, they took the charger cable. Weird!