My SEH BAC wish list

We recently moved house and did something we never thought we’d do. What did we do? We bought a very modern property that was only a year or so old.

SEH BAC, front door.

My SEH BAC wish list would have included a uPVC front door.

When we were house-hunting, we started off with a very liberal wish list. We wanted an extra bedroom so our children could have their own rooms, a smaller garden and a downstairs lavatory (for the record, I was liberal on the downstairs lavatory, but for Mrs Adams, it was red line!). It was open season on anything else.

As time went on and we saw more houses, our wish list grew. As I say, we caught ourselves by surprise by buying a new property but we thought we would probably end up doing what we always had done in the past and buy an older house that we could do up.

Had that been the case, we would probably have used the services of a company like SEH BAC. SEH BAC is home improvement specialist based serving the South East of England, including Warlingham in Surrey where it has a show room. It provides many different services and products but specialises in the installation of windows, doors and conservatories. That, however, undersells what the company does as it provides bi-fold doors, timber doors, uPVC doors, sash windows, day windows, tilt and turn windows, heritage doors, sliding patio doors, p-shaped conservatories, t-shaped conservatories, Victorian-style conservatories and so on..

Looking at the SEH BAC range, many of its products and services would have featured on our wish list. Here are a few of the items we would have considered had we found ourselves doing up an old property.


Modern, uPVC doors made from strong materials and a with a multi-point locking system would have been top of my list. A little while ago we experienced an attempted break-in while we were all asleep in our house. It woke my eldest daughter and she found the experience upsetting. To this day she still gets nervous if she hears a noise or sees something outside she doesn’t like at night time.

With this in mind, we would have gone for a secure, modern door. In fact we had often spoken about replacing the wooden front door on our old house but we never got around to it.

French doors

Again, we would want secure doors fitting to the rear of any property. It’s not, however, simply a case of security. There’s also the issue of energy efficiency. Modern French doors are usually very energy efficient and that’s great both for the environment and your energy bills.

Roof line

SEH BAC, roof line products

It’s important to ensure guttering, facias, soffits and soon are in good order.

There’s so much on the roof line that can go wrong! I know this because I have experienced it in an old house.  Luckily SEH BAC can provide guttering, facias and so on and what’s more, they’re available in lots of different colours. We’d definitely have looked very closely at the roof line of the house and changed anything that wasn’t up to scratch.


SEH BAC, windows, glazing

A beautiful sash window. Part of the SEH BAC range.

Why have double glazing when you can have triple glazing? As I’ve previously mentioned, it’s not simply about having a secure home, but having an energy efficient one. The other benefit of triple glazing, if you live somewhere noisy, is that it reduces noise pollution.

When we bought our previous property, some of the windows were single glazed. At the least we’d always want double glazed, triple where possible and SEH BAC is able to provide such products.

What about you?

Those are the items that would go on my wish list if doing up a property. What would you be looking at to improve things? Would it be doors, windows and roof line items like me or would you have other priorities?


Disclosure: This commissioned article was produced in association with SEH BAC.

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