Are we nearly there yet?

What I’m about to say will probably shock you. Despite regularly driving from Southern England to Scotland to visit family, I have never actually heard our children mutter the immortal words; “Are we nearly there yet?”

A new survey from Parkdean Holidays suggests we are very fortunate. According to the self-catering specialist, 48% of those questioned hear that phrase six times during the course of an average journey.

Please don’t get the wrong idea, even though our kids have never said “are we nearly there yet?” they still get bored, frustrated and annoyed on long car journeys. As veterans of several road trips up to Scotland, we have learned a few tricks for keeping the children entertained.

Here are a few things that we do:

  • DVDs can be a great way to buy an hour or so of silence so get a portable DVD player and make sure it is fully charged before you embark on your journey. Just be warned, if you have more than one child, you may need more than one player.
  • Music can be an excellent way to keep the children entertained. On our last trip north of the border, we were accompanied by the Frozen soundtrack. Sure, us grown ups knew every single word by the time we were back home but it did wonders for keeping the little people quiet.
  • To my amazement, a game of I Spy keeps our five year old busy. I’m not sure it’ll work as she gets older, but while she’s at the early stages of learning how to read and spell, it kills time in the car and helps with her educational development at the same time.
  • Take a variety of healthy snacks. This not only means you’ll spend less at expensive service stations, but you’ll avoid buying the junk that’s generally available. Do you really fancy spending two hours in a car with children made hyper after eating a chocolate-coated muffin and drinking a bottle of lemonade?

Based on the survey results and comments from survey participants, Parkdean has come up with some suggestions for making journeys more bearable for kids. Hit play on the video at the beginning of this post to watch it. Alternatively, follow the hashtag #arewenearlythereyet on twitter for more ideas or maybe add your own.

This post was produced in association with Parkdean Holidays.

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