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Dad and daughter: Similarities and differences

Just before the summer holidays began, I received an email from my eldest daughter’s school. A Good Samaritan had found Helen’s wallet and the school was passing on this individual’s phone number so I could arrange to collect it. It was a couple of days until I was able to do so, but the experience

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Isle of Arran, Scottish landscape, ship

Always look for a different viewpoint

When I was at college, there was one piece of advice we were given when it came to photography: Always look around you and try to get a different viewpoint. If I hadn’t followed the advice I’d been given as a student, I’d have missed this coastal landscape.

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Legal rights and responsibilities of stepparents

Are you aware of the legal rights and responsibilities of stepparents? Could a stepmum, for instance, get a stepdaughter emergency dental treatment or a stepdad take their stepson on holiday unaccompanied or even collect a stepchild from school?

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Holy Isle at night

If you visited my blog a few week’s ago, you’ll probably recognise this as Holy Isle off the coast of the Isle of Arran. The big difference, of course, is that this picture was taken at night!

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