Selling up and moving on thanks to lockdown

We moved house about three years ago. It was a superb decision and one that benefited the family greatly. While I didn’t envisage another move for some considerable time, I have a strange feeling that we may soon be selling up and moving on again and there’s one reason for it: Lockdown.

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Old versus new GCSE grades
Family Life & parenting

Infographic: Old versus new GCSE grades

When I started studying for maths GCSE last year, I was asked several times about the GCSE grading system that was introduced in 2019. It struck me that many people were not aware of how the new and old grading structures compared. I thought it would be useful to produce an inforgraphic comparing old versus

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Flexi working & Shared Parental Leave

Success of Aviva’s parental leave policy #AD

How do you think most men would react if given the same amount of parental leave and pay as their female colleagues? Insurer Aviva, which has offered all employees the same parental leave benefits since 2017, has been crunching the numbers and you might be surprised by the results.

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barley, summer, corn, crops

Still obsessed with corn!

My most recent photography-focused blog post was of some corn growing in a field. Earlier this week, inbetween picking one child up from school and another child from a local town where she’d been shopping, I again found myself in a field of corn. To be precise this is barley but pedantry aside, I saw

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