Review; Cyber Clean Touch Screen Cleaner


review, Cyber clean Touch Screen Cleaner.

The Cyber Clean Touch Screen Cleaner.

The Cyber Clean Touch Screen Cleaner does exactly what it says on the box; cleans devices with touch screens. I’ve often wondered just how many bacteria must be harboured on my iPad and phone. By the time the kids have sneezed on both or I’ve returned from a day London all manner of filth must be on those screens. As for my lap top, well, the screen sometimes gets so filthy I mistake dirt for punctuation marks.

So how does the Touch Screen Cleaner work? It’s very simple. It’s slightly larger than your average tablet stylus. It features a refillable pump action spray which delivers an antiseptic solution.

You spray the solution on to your device and then wipe it off using the absorbing fibre pad on the side of the cleaner. Voila, it really is that simple.

So does it work? In a word, yes. You may want to wipe your device a couple of times but this stuff works very well and I was impressed with the results.

In addition to cleaning your touch screen, this product also doubles up as a stylus. I put this to the test and it worked very well.

Greetings Mr Bond.

Greetings Mr Bond.

The one thing that made me laugh is the packaging it came in. Each Touch Screen Cleaner comes with three refills. It’s presented in a box that looks like some kind of dreadful chemical an evil Bond villain would pay millions of pounds for. Rest assured, however, that no Bond villains have offered me any money for this product so I am assuming it cannot be used to destroy cities or carry out some other evil act.

The Touch Screen Cleaner is available for £14.95 from the Cyber Clean website (special offer of £10.95 if bought before the end of July, 2014).

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