Safety Tips For Your Family Car #AD

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Most modern family vehicles are equipped with a raft of safety features. Although all cars need to be fitted with basic safety systems, such as hazard warning lights and seatbelts, family cars will usually have many more safety functions that are designed to keep drivers, passengers and other road users safe. That said, you cannot always assume that these systems are in good working order. They need to be checked.

Tips for keeping your family car safe on the road. Pic credit: Stiener Engeland on Unsplash.

Install ADAS Calibration 

Many modern cars have ADAS, a system which controls things like parking assistance, pedestrian monitoring and blind spot safety. Your ADAS system won’t be checked during an MOT, so you should have it calibrated separately to ensure it is functioning properly. If you are looking to avail ADAS calibration service in London or areas like Essex, then you can get help from Jet Wheel Tyre Garage. However, there are other safety features you can check for yourself without the need of professional assistance. What are they?

Check Your Lights Work
One of the biggest problems with car safety is with headlamps and brake lights. If you cannot see where you are going, then it is harder to spot and avoid hazards on the road. Equally, if other road users do not know when you are braking or going to turn because your brake lights and indicators are not functioning properly, then the likelihood of a collision will go up. Take five minutes every month or so to make sure all of your lights work properly.

Confirm your tread depth
Driving on old tyres is dangerous. By inserting a twenty pence coin into the tread of your car’s tyres, you will soon know if the rubber is wearing down. If the rim of the coin disappears from view in the tread, then you still have sufficient tread to drive on them legally. If you can still see it, however, then you need new tyres.

Ensure Your Oil Is Topped Up
Insufficient oil can lead to breakdowns in awkward places which could put you and your family in danger. Make sure you confirm the oil level in your car by checking the dipstick every once in a while.

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