Enjoying the colours of autumn

This is one of those blog posts that nearly didn’t happen. I was uncertain about posting this image on the blog but Mrs Adams persuaded me otherwise. She said it featured a beautiful mix of autumn colours and that I should share it. On reflection, I decided she was correct and so here it is!

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I hope you’ll agree this photograph features some beautiful autumn colours. That’s certainly what my wife thought.

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A Surrey landscape: Same photograph, four different edits

Earlier this week I travelled into London to attend the Internet Marketing Show. Unfortunately the early stage of my journey was beset with problems and I found myself unexpectedly stranded at a very rural train station surrounded by the glorious Surrey landscape with 30 minutes to kill until the next train.

Surrey landscape, Surrey, #mysundayphoto, farmland, farm land, dadbloguk, dadbloguk.com, dad blog uk, photographer, rural Surrey

What looked like a natural, tranquil landscape became very dramatic when converted to black and white.

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Cobweb and mist

I don’t know about other mums and dads, but I am still putting the house together after six weeks of domestic neglect. While I’m almost on top of things, it has been a busy week and I’ve had little time to venture out with my camera. I took it upon myself to go out shortly after sunrise one morning as it was the only free time available to me. Inspired by something I had seen on Instagram, I had a vague plan to photograph a cobweb covered in dew.

socweb, spider web, spider's web, sunrise, early morning,, dadbloguk, dadbloguk.com, school run dad, photography, sun flare, mysundayphoto

An image of a cobweb I took on an early walk earlier this week.

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Raindrops on a leaf

As much as it pains me to wave goodbye to summer, there’s no denying autumn is well and truly here. A sure sign of it is all the leaves on the ground.

raindrops, Gatton Park. rain, rain drops, rain drop, raindrop, photography, #MySundayphoto, Photalife.com, dadbloguk, dadbloguk.com, dad blog uk, schol run dad, stay at home dad, daddy blogger

During at autumnal walk in Gatton Park in Surrey, I spotted this rain covered leaf on the ground.

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