Driving tips to keep you safe on the road this winter

The days are much shorter, nights colder and we’ve already experienced a tiny bit of sleet. As autumn turns to winter, the weather is bound to get worse and the temperatures will drop further.

Top of my list for winter driving tips: Check your tyres are roadworthy and consider investing in winter tyres.
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The Aviva Community Fund: Helping Digital Inclusion for Older Champions

In association with Aviva Community Fund 2017

Being a dad with young kids, my blog tends to focus on young families and the issues they face. On this occasion I’m going to focus on older people and the issue of digital inclusion.

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Sue Halawa, who has provided computer literacy training to 70 older people in the Edmonton area thanks to funding from the Aviva Community Fund.

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Simple ways to #savesmarter

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Having discovered my financial personality might get me in trouble, I’ve been doing all I can to get my family to save money and spend smarter.


Last week I used a financial personality test to assess my attitude to saving money. Unfortunately, I didn’t do well and was labelled a “day dreamer” who was potentially heading towards financial oblivion!

Truth is, the results from using the online tool, which is available on the Aviva website, didn’t surprise me. My wife and I have just spent a fortune having a new kitchen installed. Having spent all this money on a kitchen suitable for a modern family, our finances aren’t in the best shape. View Post

Saving money with Aviva

Aviva, financial personality test.

If only I had this much pocket money all the time.

Money is a touchy subject in this household at the moment. Regular readers of the blog will no doubt be aware that we’re in the final stages of having a new, family-friendly kitchen installed.

As is often the case with such projects, we have over-spent. It’s not disastrous, but we are feeling the pain and Mrs Adams and I are wishing we had saved up more money before the works began. View Post