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A changing bag full of old memories

In preparation for our house move, I have just cleared out a cupboard that’s situated under the stairs. While doing so, I was reunited with an old friend. Not a human friend, but an old Diaper Dude changing bag that used to travel with me everywhere when Izzy was in nappies.

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Isn’t this ironic?

I came across this sign while travelling to visit family. We had stopped at a motorway service station because the children needed to use the lavatory.  

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Baby change facility of the week No.9

What is a father to do when he’s out in town with his two young daughters and is confronted by a sight like the one above? This is exactly the situation I recently came across when having lunch in a cafe.

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Baby change facility of the week No.8

It’s been a while since I’ve published a baby change facility of the week and so I’m delighted to bounce back with this example. I’ll cryptically say that it was taken at the outlet of a well-known Swedish furniture retailer.

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Baby change facility of the week No7

I have a confession to make. This photos of this week’s baby change facility were not taken by me. They were taken by an old friend. Let’s call her Karen (who also happens to write this rather splendid blog). Karen was minding her own business in a well known tourist attraction when she stumbled across

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