Should I be a cool parent?

It was a dark night and we were driving home. It’s at such moments that I find my children can be at their most chatty and Helen was in a talkative mood, testing me, to see if I was a cool parent or not.


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Looking longingly at acronyms my daughter didn’t think I’d know. Unfortunately for her, I’m quite well versed in these things.

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2018 Surrey Business Blogs Award Winner!

This is the kind of week where some good news is a welcome distraction as I deal with the never-ending stream of tasks created by our house move. It therefore came as a very pleasant surprise to discover that I’m a 2018 Surrey Business blogs Award winner.

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I am delighted to be a 2018 Surrey Business Blogs Award Winner.

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And the winner is. . .

Last Friday, my evening got off to an inauspicious start. I did the school run, said goodbye to the kids and then bolted off to Central London where I was meeting Mrs Adams ahead of the Vuelio Blog Awards. It was a big night as I was a finalist in the Best Dad Blog category.

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Receiving my award from comedian Mark Dolan and Kirsti Kauronen of Vuelio.
Photo: Pradip Kotecha

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Dad and daughter visit The Monument in London

The other day I fulfilled a longstanding promise to my daughter, Helen. We travelled up to London for the afternoon and visited The Monument to the Great Fire of London.

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Helen proudly holding the certificate she was given for successfully climbing all 311 steps to the top of The Monument.

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Four dad blogs everyone should read

I am today doing something very different on the blog. I am recommending some dad blogs I think everyone should read and I’ve also put together a short video about my recommended blogs.


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Here are four daddy bloggers I think everyone should be familiar with.

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