It’s true: dads treat their daughters differently

Picture the scene. I’m in a park with my kids. Helen, my eight-year-old, is sitting in a roundabout-style device with a couple of other children.

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Father and daughter share a tender moment. New research suggests dads treat their daughters differently, but does this come as a surprise? Pic credit: Caroline Hernandez

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Male body confidence – an increasingly serious issue

As a blogger, I’m often made aware of surveys and studies that people think might be of interest to my readers. The most recent one I’ve received has left me agog. It’s a survey into male body confidence and it suggests this is a huge issue for the male population.

I’ll come on to the results in just a moment. It’s not so much the study’s results that have left me agog, but who commissioned it; none other than fashion retailer New Look.

I have written about body confidence in the past and I’ve been very fortunate to discuss the issue with Equalities Minister Jo Swinson. This, however, is the first time I’ve heard of a fashion retailer taking steps to raise awareness of male body confidence as an issue. View Post