Brighton’s West Pier: One photo, two edits

This week has been all about photography. In addition to attending the Bedrooms Of London photography exhibition, I spent a day in Brighton with Darren Coleshill of the Photalife blog. Together we strolled around the Marina, sea font and city centre with our cameras. It was during our time together I took this image of what remains of Brighton’s iconic West Pier, which was destroyed by fire in 2003.

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A long-exposure image of Brighton’s West Pier taken using an 10-stop ND filter.
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Capturing the moment on Brighton Beach

I have spent a lot of time recently experimenting with my photography. I’ve been trying out new camera settings and equipment and had great fun doing so. Sometimes, however, it’s simply about capturing the moment, like this one on Brighton Beach.

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Helen and Izzy decided to take on the sea at Brighton Beach. The sea won. Note the West Pier in the background.

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Reflections in the Brighton i360

Here’s a picture taken from underneath the polished-chrome underside of the Brighton i360.

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Brighton beach and seafront, as seen reflected on the underside of British Airways’ Brighton i360.

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Sunset on Brighton Beach

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Brighton Beach shortly before sunset yesterday. It was a beautiful, if very cold, day.

For the second time in two weeks, we’ve had a family outing to Brighton. The two trips, however, were very different.

Last week’s trip (see here) was very brief as we had to get home in time for the afternoon school run and the sea was very rough. By contrast, we were able to take our time yesterday and the sea was incredibly calm, although it was bitingly cold. View Post

Breaking wave on Brighton beach

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A wave, caught at the moment it broke when we visited Brighton beach earlier this week.

Earlier this week Mrs Adams, Toddler Adams and I spent a day in Brighton where I got this picture of a breaking wave. Our day trip was an unexpected and spontaneous thing.

A close relative of my wife’s had been hospitalized. Quite understandably, she wanted to get out the house and do something, anything, to keep occupied (thankfully this individual is now on the mend). We settled on a trip to Brighton and when we arrived, the sea was quite rough. View Post