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Travelling to Calais in a little luxury (yes, it can be done)

Towards the end of the Easter break I had an idea. Having had a superb day trip to Calais with my eldest daughter last summer, I thought we should return. This time, however, Mrs Adams and Toddler Adams would come along, as would our very good friend Howard and his daughter Lottie. Unlike the former

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Spiral staircase B&W photography project

I’ve had this image knocking about on a memory card for a while. I took it back in August when I went to Calais on a day trip with my eldest daughter, Helen. It’s taken inside the Phare de Calais, the lighthouse that dominates the town’s skyline.

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Dad and daughter visit Calais

  Calais is not a place I would usually consider for a family day out. I had, however, been promising my eldest daughter for some time that we would visit France. This is where things got a bit messy. To quote Harold Macmillan, “events” just kept happening. Time and again plans to travel across the

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