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The Redex Experiment. How did it work out?

I have been conducting an experiment for the past few months. Every time I’ve filled up the family car, I’ve been adding a bottle or two of Redex fuel additive to see whether it improves the car’s performance. The experiment has now finished and I am in a position to tell you what I think.

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How a flat tyre can mess up the school run

n ed i If there’s one thing I’ve found that can turn the school run into a disaster, it’s a puncture. Yes, I know we’re all supposed to walk our kids to school. Indeed, a while ago I was an ambassador for the charity Sustrans and undertook a challenge to do just that.

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Review; Lindam back seat and pushchair organiser

On several occasions I have recently found myself struggling with a pushchair stuffed full of children’s items. The sun and heat has necessitated carrying hats and sun cream for the toddler and her big sister in addition to drinks, snacks, nappies and all the usual paraphernalia associated with youngsters. This back seat and pushchair organiser

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Giveaway; Febreze #drivehappy car kit

I have a strange feeling someone at Febreze has been reading my blog. I recently uploaded a post about how messy the family car is. As if by magic, a Febreze #drivehappy car kit was couriered to me a few days later. The odour-killing specialist has done some research and discovered that a smelly car

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Keeping the family car clean. Or not.

We recently went out for the day as a family. We were going somewhere quite special and would need to make the correct impression on arrival. This created extra work for me because the car was in a horrendous state and needing cleaning inside and out. To be quite blunt, it was disgusting. A banana

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