Bedrooms of London at The Foundling Museum

Do you genuinely appreciate the levels of poverty around you? Do you consider what impact the lack of good quality social housing has on children and families? A new exhibition at London’s Foundling Museum shines a light on both these issues.

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Adam, a young infant,sleeps in this room, which he must share with the rest of his family. It’s Just one of the images taken by Katie Wilson as part of the Bedrooms of London project.
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Food poverty during school holidays, FareShare and the #ActiveAte campaign

It’s summer time. The schools are on holiday and many parents are (……kind of) relaxing and taking it easy. For some of the most vulnerable families in the UK, however, this is a time of increased stress and financial pressure and, sadly, a time when many children go hungry or have to tolerate a poor diet.

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Over the school summer holidays, 3 million children are at risk of experiencing food poverty. I speak to Alison Walsh from the charity FareShare to learn about its #ActiveAte campaign that is addressing this issue.

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Marking 10 years of Movember in the UK

Over the past couple of years, I’ve developed a real soft spot for the Movember charity. It’s annual moustache growing antics have become a well-established fundraising venture, just like Children in Need or Comic Relief.

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Chris Livett taking part in one of Movember’s Distinguished Gentlemen Rides back in September. this picture was taken just three days before Chris underwent ‘massive’ surgery to remove cancerous organs and just a year after he had a breakdown.

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The Aviva Community Fund: Helping Digital Inclusion for Older Champions

In association with Aviva Community Fund 2017

Being a dad with young kids, my blog tends to focus on young families and the issues they face. On this occasion I’m going to focus on older people and the issue of digital inclusion.

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Sue Halawa, who has provided computer literacy training to 70 older people in the Edmonton area thanks to funding from the Aviva Community Fund.

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The hidden costs of childhood cancer

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. This year CLIC Sargent, a leading UK cancer charity for children and young people, is shining a light on the mental health and emotional impact for parents when their child is diagnosed with cancer. This guest post from  Clare Laxton, CLIC Sargent’s Assistant Director of Policy and Influencing blogs, highlights how cancer can affect parents and carers and outlines what help the charity can provide.

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How does a child’s cancer diagnosis affect mum and dad? Charity CLIC Sargent has lots of experience helping families in this position.

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