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Onward with Disney+ #AD

I got something of a surprise when I was settled down and watching the film Onward with my family Just as the film was reaching its finale, I looked over to my right to discover Mrs Adams fighting a loosing battle as she tried to hold back tears.

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Dads in the workplace: Q&A with Dr Sarah Forbes & Dr Holly Birkett

Birmingham: The city that gave us Cat Deeley, Cadbury’s chocolate and, erm, heavy metal pioneers Black Sabbath. Thanks to the University of Birmingham’s Equal Parenting Project, this fine Midlands city has also given us the Fathers in the Workplace Toolkit, a free resrource that employers can use to make their organisation more dad-friendly.

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School communication apps: Too much communication?

Over the past few weeks a major change has happened in our household. We’ve become a two-school family. Helen, our eldest child has started at secondary school while Izzy has continued at her primary. This has had one predictable yet odd result: Notification after notification arrives on my phone because of all the school communication

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Toyota Corolla 1.8 Hybrid: The ultimate family hatchback? #ad

If you were to ask me to produce a list of family friendly hatchbacks off the top of my head, the Toyota Corolla would definitely be one of the first cars I’d mention. Despite the fact I see increasing numbers of them on the road, I had never driven a Corolla so was very keen

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