Kids and tech: Why our sat-nav moos like a cow.

I looked at my phone. I simply didn’t recognise it. The icons were in completely different places. I immediately guessed what had happened; Helen, my nine year old daughter, had been playing with it.

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Check out the perplexed look on my face. Why is this sat-nav mooing like a cow?

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A rare view of sunset

This may sound like an odd thing to say, but it’s very difficult to see the sunset where we live. Last night I ventured out to take photographs of some nearby meadow land that has come to life with flowers in the recent sunshine. I happened to look up and felt this dramatic sunset made for a better image.

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Because of a quirk of geography, it’s difficult to see the sunset where we live. Last night, however, I had some luck and captured this dramatic scene in the sky.

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Cleaner guilt? On this occasion I’ll live with it.

Following on from the blog post I wrote yesterday about our impending house sale, I have to ask if you’ve ever felt guilt at hiring a cleaner or someone to do domestic chores for you? A quick web search throws up some fascinating results, suggesting that ‘cleaner / gardener / window cleaner (delete as applicable) guilt’ is a genuine phenomenon.

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Yes, I do experience guilt at hiring cleaners and domestic help. On this occasion, however, I’ll deal with it.

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What dad needs to know about the school run

Every now and again, a reader of this blog comes up with a superb idea for something I could write about. I was chatting to a dad recently who did just that. Would I, he said, consider writing a dad’s guide to the school run?

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Based on my own experiences, I outline what a newbie school run dad can expect in the playground.

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