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Eternity Leave: A Mould-breaking piece of dad fiction

I was a bit nervous about reading Eternity Leave. It’s a work of fiction based on the experiences of stay-at-home-dad and author Simon Kettlewell, a man who has spent 19 years as the main carer for his four children. When portrayed in any media, fathers are often distant, bumbling, incompetent fools. Was Kettlewell going to

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Headucate Me: Back to School mental health post lockdown

Schools in England open en-masse next week. This begs the question: How do you emotionally and mentally prepare your child for the return to the classroom? Psychotherapist Mark Newey of Headucate Me has produced a free, online programme for youngsters called Back to School. As the name suggests, the aim is to help school students

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Ice, snow & the Nissan Leaf #AD

This was a test drive with a difference! Just a couple of days after this Nissan Leaf was dropped off, the weather turned. Snow fell and the ground froze. This was a real baptism by snow which enabled me to see how the battery held charge in freezing conditions, plus really test out the road

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Welcoming Star on Disney+ #AD

Disney+ launched at just the right time. As Lockdown One was introduced, mums and dads were looking for quality entertainment for their kids. Since then, Mrs Adams and I took out a subscription and it’s been great to watch as its added new content, many of them aimed at the younger members of the family.

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