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The Christmas decorations are up

I don’t think I’ve ever been quite so happy to see Christmas decorations go up, even if many people have put them up earlier than normal. I usually get a little annoyed when I see decorations going up too early but hey, it’s 2020. The Christmas lights pictured here are part of a public display

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Flexi working & Shared Parental Leave

Flexible working during COVID-19: What managers are saying

Flexible working should be more widely available to fathers and people without children. So concludes a significant new research project into how managers have dealt with the change in working practices and working culture during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Health and fitness

Health Claims Unpacked: Have your say on food labelling #AD

Over recent months, my youngest daughter Izzy has developed a new habit. She reads the nutritional information on the sides of cereal boxes or milk bottles and informs me what is in a food and whether it is healthy. I often have to explain to her exactly what the wording means, but I’m very happy

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DadPodUK logo

Unleashing dadPodUk on an unsuspecting world

For some time now, I’ve been toying with the idea of launching a podcast. A couple of my blog’s readers had asked if I’d thought of producing one and I took that as a sign I should take the idea seriously. Of course, thinking only gets you so far, this was going to require action!

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