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Dr Parvinder Shergill of Daddy Blues
Dadbloguk Q&A

Talking Daddy Blues with Parvinder Shergill

A little while ago I recorded a podcast with well-known mental health campaigner Mark Williams. In the final few minutes, we got on to talking a film that was being of his mental health journey called Daddy Blues. Typical of Mark’s style, he just casually mentioned there was a deal in place to distribute the

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Isle of Arran, Scottish landscape, ship

Always look for a different viewpoint

When I was at college, there was one piece of advice we were given when it came to photography: Always look around you and try to get a different viewpoint. If I hadn’t followed the advice I’d been given as a student, I’d have missed this coastal landscape.

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Dadbloguk Q&A

Legal rights and responsibilities of stepparents

Are you aware of the legal rights and responsibilities of stepparents? Could a stepmum, for instance, get a stepdaughter emergency dental treatment or a stepdad take their stepson on holiday unaccompanied or even collect a stepchild from school?

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Family Life & parenting

2021: The summer of heavy traffic

For me, Tebay Services on the M6 personify the summer of 2021. This spot near Penrith in Cumbria demonstrated the inevitable impact of the staycation boom that hit the UK this summer because everyone hit the roads creating masses of heavy traffic.

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