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Days out and travel

Dr Who Time Fracture immersive performance #ad

“What’s the best way to assassinate somebody?” asked Brian the Ood. It wasn’t a question I was expecting to be asked, especially by a space alien wearing a dinner jacket, but hey, I knew this Dr Who immersive performance was going to have some random moments.

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The Graduate: My university confession

I woke up at about 4am on New Year’s Day. At first, I refused to get out of bed, but my mind quickly filled with a huge ‘to do’ list I had to deal with. Top of the list was my latest university assignment. I simply couldn’t sleep and feeling totally awake and with a

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Family Life & parenting

Getting step curious with the “You’re Not My Mum” podcast

Fact: I’m a rare breed. No, this isn’t a reference to the fact I have been the main carer for the children in my family for over a decade. It’s a reference to my status as a stepchild, a reality bought home to me by a superb podcast called You’re Not My Mum.

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The unknown impact of COVID on child development

As we near what is proving to be another quiet, yet highly eventful Christmas, I find myself looking back on the past couple of years. The COVID pandemic has been going on for so long now I find myself wondering what impact it is having on this generation’s child development.

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Family finances

Rent or buy: What would you do right now? #AD

The housing market is a crazy place right now. The impact of the COVID pandemic, financial uncertainty and last week’s increase in the Bank of England base rate means there is a shortage of houses available to buy. This is the reality facing couples like Mrs Adams and I who have been thinking of moving

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