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Ofsted: Sexual harassment has become normalised in schools

Sexual harassment has been “normalised” in schools and colleges. This is the horrifying conclusion of Ofsted’s newly published report into harassment in the education system. This has to be a damming indictment of the impact of social media and messaging apps on the present generation of young people as the report shows much of this

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Reflections by Will Yates-Johnson

Have you ever attempted to take a photograph of a mirror? I’ve attempted it many a time but it is incredibly difficult to pull off. Taking an image of lots of mirrors at once, well that presents an even bigger challenge!

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Parent Ping, dads chatting

Dads: Have your voice heard with Parent Ping #AD

According to Parent Ping, there are some interesting differences between mums and dads. Dads are generally more relaxed about behaviour but think youngsters’ behaviour was better when they themselves were kids. While there’s a general trend for all families to have enjoyed spending more time with each other during lockdown, this was most prominently reported

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Imperial College, London

Imperial College London in the sun

Sun has been in short supply for us in the UK over recent months. I took this photograph during one of the rare moments the sun was shining brightly. It’s of one of the buildings that make up Imperial College in London.

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