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The problem with exams

Regular readers of Dadbloguk will know I have been on something of an ‘educational adventure’ over the past year. I have just passed maths GCSE having taken exams (or sat assessments) three times since the first lockdown was introduced in March 2020. The experience has been fascinating and made me realise that British schools place

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Family Life & parenting

Stepfamily dynamics: Donna Wishart’s story

Donna Wishart is well known among us parent bloggers as the person behind the What The Redhead Said blog. She’s also a stepchild and has a family background that demonstrates just how complex stepfamilies can be.

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Book cover of Digital for GOod by Richard Culatta
Book reviews

Reviewed: Digital For Good by Richard Culatta

Digital For Good starts with an interesting observation. Us parents grew up in the physical world. Our children, meanwhile, are growing up in both the physical and online worlds. It’s up to us mums and dads to help them learn about these worlds and navigate them.

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