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Days out and travel

It’s a rock pool Jim, but not as we know it

Now here’s an image with an interesting perspective. You would be forgiven for thinking this was a stage set from the original 1960s Star Trek series but it is, in fact, a rock pool photographed when I took my daughters for a short break in Wales last week.

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GCSE maths: Fourth time lucky

Relief. That’s what I feel right now: Okay, also quite excited. Why so? Well, as with many households across the land I have today received my GCSE results.

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Plastic Patrol founder Lizzie Carr on a SUP
Dadbloguk Q&A

Q&A with SUP enthusiast and Planet Patrol founder Lizzle Carr MBE

Lizzie Carr is many things: An environmentalist, adventurer and author are just a few of the titles she can rightly claim. She’s best known as an enthusiastic stand up paddleboarder and founder of the not-for-profit Planet Patrol, which gives people the opportunity to go paddleboarding while also removing plastic and other waste from the environment.

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The different phases of being a stepchild

As I get older, I can pick out four distinct phases of what it’s like being a stepchild. In some respects, this is hardly surprising. Relationships naturally change as people move into different phases of life and I can distinctly pick out phases with my blood relatives too.

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River Leach

Here’s a dreamy picture I took on a recent family trip back to the Cotswolds. This is the River Leach, a tributary of the River Thames, flowing towards the small town of Leachlade.

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