City of London, Inception style!

Over the past week, I have spent a massive amount of time using Photoshop. I’ve been doing all sorts of crazy things using the software, often late into the night. This edited image of the City of London, inspired by the film Inception, was great fun to produce.

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Inspired by the film Inception, I’ve re-edited this old photograph of the City of London!
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Coming down the tracks at speed: The teenage years!

It may be a cliché, but your children really do grow up incredibly fast. I can clearly remember the day when my eldest daughter was born 10 years ago. A decade later, we’re rapidly hurtling down the tracks towards the teenage years and it’s happening at frightening speed.

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Choo choo! Oh yes people, we’re hurtling down the tracks towards the teenage years and it terrifies me.
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Photography challenge: 30 minutes at home with no preparation

When Izzy, my youngest daughter, saw this photograph and declared; “It’s beautiful daddy,” I knew I’d taken an image that worked! Better still, it showed that a really simple photography challenge I’d set myself had worked and I’m going to share the idea with you.

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Having run out of time to go on a photo walk, I set myself a very simple 30 minute photography challenge. This striking image of an old rose was the result.
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When the fire alarm goes off at school…for real

I want you to think for a second about the confusion that could be caused in a school when a genuine fire alarm goes off. I now want you to imagine the alarm going off as the kids are being dismissed at the end of the school day. Welcome to my world guys, because this recently happened to me!

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We’ve all experienced fire drills, but when a genuine fire coincides with the end of the school day you can imagine the chaos that ensues.
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Male infertility and The Fertility Podcast

What can a man do to improve his fertility? Why is the focus of such discussions usually on women? Why is male infertility a taboo subject for many? What’s it like to be a woman and told your partner has fertility issues? I’m delighted to publish this blog post, authored by Natalie Silverman who produces The Fertility Podcast.

Natalie tackles all these issues in this post. I feel this is such a vital subject and one that doesn’t get the attention it deserves, so please do have a read, listen to some episodes of the podcast and if you know someone affected by these issues, please share the post.

Natalie Silverman, the woman behind the Fertility Podcast with her son. She wants YOU to think about fertility. 
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