Styling my children’s hair: My fatherhood failing

It’s rare for me to claim I have anything in common with Prince William, but for once I can. The future monarch has admitted to watching YouTube tutorials to learn how to style Prince Charlotte’s hair. Having realised this is an area of fatherhood where I have been letting my daughters down, I have started doing the same.

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Girl’s hair care I can do. Hair styling, however, remain a mystery to me after all these years.
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It’s true: dads treat their daughters differently

Picture the scene. I’m in a park with my kids. Helen, my eight-year-old, is sitting in a roundabout-style device with a couple of other children.

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Father and daughter share a tender moment. New research suggests dads treat their daughters differently, but does this come as a surprise? Pic credit: Caroline Hernandez

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Entering the mystical world of the hair salon

Being a father of daughters means I have been given an insight into aspects of life that some men never experience. This Christmas time I have added a new experience to the list: visiting a women’s hair stylist.

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The hair salon. A mystical place where the eye lashes are unfathomably large. Pic credit: Joe Field (Creative Commons)

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Dads and daughters, playing football together

My youngest daughter, Izzy, has been playing football for about a year. She plays at pre-school and has  a teacher that all the kids find encouraging and inspirational.

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Flo Allen who has just been selected for the England under 17s England football team. SSE is encouraging more girls to take up the game.

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