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Family technology

The new Clubhouse app: What parents need to know

Clubhouse is a relatively new social media app that is increasing in popularity. Unlike many other social media channels, Clubhouse is audio-only and is presently only available on iOS devices. As a new social media app, parents need to know about it. In the article below, Ghislaine Bombusa outlines what parents need to know about

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Flexi working & Shared Parental Leave

Why soft skills aren’t soft

There are many issues I have with workplace culture and the way parents are perceived and treated. There’s one particular aspect that’s been bothering me for a little while and it’s the phrase ‘soft skills.’ When a mum or a dad takes time out of the workplace to care for and raise children, they’re often

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Family Life & parenting

Cooking pancakes on a gas-grill: The Char-Broil Professional Core B3 #AD

I’m a barbecue enthusiast. I’ve always loved cooking and eating outside whenever possible. I’m also something for a Char-Broil enthusiast having used one of its gas grills for the past couple of years. It’s Professional Core B3, however, was new to me and when asked to try it out, I simply couldn’t say no!

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Planning for summer

Is it too soon to start planning for summer? I’ve asked my girls what they want to do and I’ve made various plans in my head, I just haven’t put any dates in the calendar…yet!

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Book reviews

Eternity Leave: A Mould-breaking piece of dad fiction

I was a bit nervous about reading Eternity Leave. It’s a work of fiction based on the experiences of stay-at-home-dad and author Simon Kettlewell, a man who has spent 19 years as the main carer for his four children. When portrayed in any media, fathers are often distant, bumbling, incompetent fools. Was Kettlewell going to

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