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Making your home safer with Anti Grabbity

There’s a new kid in town wanting to keep both your home and your that bit safer. Known as Anti Grabbity, it’s a prickly, textured strip that you can place on balconies and other locations where curiosity may get the better of people.

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Tips and Tricks to Create More Space in the Home

It’s a problem that many of us face and is especially concerning in the Christmas period when your home can get super busy. With friends and family popping around over the festive period, many of us wish we could magic up more space. So how can you create more space in the home? Here are

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Plumbing problems you might not expect this summer

Summer is a wonderful time on many levels, but unexpected plumbing problems can really dampen your enjoyment. We often think of plumbing problems as a winter phenomenon because of the danger that freezing will cause pipes to burst, but there are a lot of other issues that might arise at any time of year. This guest

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