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Worx DIY Xmas; making pressies for the kids

This Christmas I’m doing something a little different. I’m taking part in a challenge to make my kids a Christmas present. The challenge has been set by power tool manufacturer Worx. While accepting that kids will be given presents that were purchased for them, the company is encouraging parents to try and make at least

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Review; Hardwall Takker picture hanging tool

The invitation to review the Hardwall Takker arrived the very week that I needed to hang two items on the wall of my daughter’s bedroom. In other words, the timing was perfect. When a picture needs hanging, I rarely rush to do it, simply because almost every wall in the house supports the main structure

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Infographic; Honesty and DIY

Who does the DIY in your family? Despite the fact my wife and I have swapped traditional gender roles, the responsibility for all DIY tasks falls squarely on my shoulders. I wouldn’t claim to be particularly good, but if I think I can do a job, I’ll always have a go. In fact I live

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My troubled history with stair gates

If you saw my most recent Silent Sunday you may have come to the correct conclusion that our youngest child recently started crawling. With this development comes the need to install stair gates. I don’t know about you, but I have a very troubled history with stair gates. I just find them the most fiddly

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