Water conservation: A further way to save money and the environment

When we moved to our new house, I had a concern about my family’s ability to lead an environmentally friendly lifestyle. In many respects it would be easier as we were moving from a property that was almost 100 years old to a very modern house with a very high energy rating. When it came to water conservation, however, I was concerned things might no be quite so easy.

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Using water sensibly and sparingly doesn’t just save the environment, it saves your family money.
Pic credit: Pan Xiaozhen on Unsplash.

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A wake up call to reduce our plastic use

We were sat on a cross channel ferry, my two daughters, my wife, mother in law and I. We’d made a mistake with the time of our ferry crossing. To ensure we’d get to the port on time, the five of us had bundled out the house and into the car without eating breakfast.

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I’ve been taking steps to reduce our plastic use because it had got out of hand.

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