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Promise me someone is teaching boys to swim?

Something’s been bothering me recently. It’s a little something that occurred to me a few weeks ago while taking my daughter to her weekly swimming lesson; very few boys were being taught to swim. It may just be some freaky anomaly at the pool we attend, but I noticed a chronic lack of boys. There

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Some thoughts on the ‘State of the World’s Fathers’ report

Today is a significant day for anyone interested in fatherhood and gender equality. Why is it so important? Well, the first ever State of the World’s Fathers (SOWF) report has been published. This is a study overseen by MenCare, an organisation active in 30 countries and backed by the United Nations. MenCare’s mission is to;

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Discussing equality with a curious six year old

I’ve noticed a very interesting change with Helen, my six year old daughter. Over recent weeks she seems to have become much more aware of gender issues, in particular gender equality. It came up last night while reading a bedtime story. Unfortunately the book repeated some very hackneyed gender stereotypes and Helen wasn’t overly impressed

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Living life on the Daddy Track

There was a very interesting feature in Saturday’s Telegraph about a relatively new concept called the Daddy Track. It hails from the United States and in very basic terms, the Daddy Track is the career path taken by men who leave the workforce to care for their children. You probably won’t be surprised to hear

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