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A taxi driver, a builder and a stay at home dad walk into a bar. . .

Interest in my existence as a stay at home dad sometimes comes from the most unexpected places. Just yesterday it came from a taxi driver. In fact “interest” is a huge understatement, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone quite so enthusiastic about the idea. This guy was driving Toddler Adams and I on a

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Infographic; are you a super dad?

With the clock ticking down to Father’s Day, a new survey claims to have unearthed a new breed of British male; the Super Dad. The results are displayed in the infographic below. The survey was carried out on behalf of clothes retailer Jacamo. It seems to show a certain level of equality between the genders when

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Fathers, break ups, equality and US law

As most of you will be aware, the so-called Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, has changed England’s GCSE curriculum and removed some superb and inspiring North American writers from the syllabus. In what will no doubt turn out to be a disastrous move, he’s insisting our children’s minds are anaesthetised with hard to

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My first term as a school gate dad

With the Christmas holidays having begun, my first term as a school gate dad is over. More importantly, it concludes my daughter’s first few months in the school system. During this time Helen has learned all manner of new skills and developed skills she already had. Helen’s reading and writing have come on massively and

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Equality for Men – the book

It’s International Men’s Day and the theme this year is keeping men and boys safe. To coincide with this event, men’s rights campaigner Glen Poole has published an ebook called Equality for Men. I’ve had the good fortune to meet Poole. Far from being some firebrand men’s rights campaigner of the superhero-costumed variety, he’s softly

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