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Making the most of Chartwell

I have barely had a minute spare to get outside with my camera, all my time being taken up as I prepare for my forthcoming jaunt to Australia. Yesterday, however, I had a brief break in my schedule and we had a family outing to Chartwell, the family home of Winston Churchill in Kent. The

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Boulevard de la Resistance; I want to live here

There’s not a huge amount to tell you about this photograph, other than I love the uncompromising image conjured up by the street name. I took the picture a couple of weeks ago when my wife and two daughters went on a family day trip to Calais. It was a last minute thing, we didn’t

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A morning at Adam Henson’s Cotswold Farm Park

Despite struggling with a horrible chest infection (read the joys I’ve been experiencing here), I have felt the need to follow through with a promise that my kids could visit granny this half term. Truth be told, I was looking forward to this jaunt back to the Cotswolds. I was hoping I’d be able to

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Sunset on Brighton Beach

For the second time in two weeks, we’ve had a family outing to Brighton. The two trips, however, were very different. Last week’s trip (see here) was very brief as we had to get home in time for the afternoon school run and the sea was very rough. By contrast, we were able to take

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Breaking wave on Brighton beach

Earlier this week Mrs Adams, Toddler Adams and I spent a day in Brighton where I got this picture of a breaking wave. Our day trip was an unexpected and spontaneous thing. A close relative of my wife’s had been hospitalized. Quite understandably, she wanted to get out the house and do something, anything, to

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