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Selling up and moving on thanks to lockdown

We moved house about three years ago. It was a superb decision and one that benefited the family greatly. While I didn’t envisage another move for some considerable time, I have a strange feeling that we may soon be selling up and moving on again and there’s one reason for it: Lockdown.

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Family technology

Reviewed: Yale All-In-One Outdoor camera #AD

Let’s say you have a valuable stash of toilet rolls or dried pasta stored in your utility room or a freezer full of food in your garage. How are you going to protect it? The Yale All-In-One Outdoor security camera is one option. I’ve spent the past few weeks testing the camera out and in

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Untidy home versus tidy home

Okay mums and dads, how tidy is your home? Now be honest, do you live in a perpetually untidy home or do you somehow manage to keep on top of housework?

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Home Improvement

Ways to reduce claims on your home insurance #ad

A few years ago we had a rude awakening, quite literally. We were fast asleep in the early hours when our eldest daughter came into the room claiming she could hear someone trying to get into the house. Although we dismissed it as noise from the central heating system, it turned out someone had tried

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