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Home improvement projects: Do they ever end?

I’m sure many of you will have had the experience of major home improvement work being carried out to your family home. How many of you, however, have started an amazing home improvement project only for it to never quite finish?

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My home moving fail

I have one very vivid memory of moving into our family home seven (ish) years ago. It is of my mother in law, standing on the front step claiming she was going to help me lift a sofa down a narrow, 30 metre path which, at one point, had a sheer five metre drop down

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Plumbing problems you might not expect this summer

Summer is a wonderful time on many levels, but unexpected plumbing problems can really dampen your enjoyment. We often think of plumbing problems as a winter phenomenon because of the danger that freezing will cause pipes to burst, but there are a lot of other issues that might arise at any time of year. This guest

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