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An experiment with bunk beds and sharing a bedroom

Our kitchen improvement project has had some unforeseen consequences. Based on the fact our kids have happily shared a bedroom for the past few weeks while the work has been going on, we are going to take a leap into the unknown, install bunk beds and get them to share a room permanently. This is

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Tips for approaching DIY home improvement

Every home improvement project is different. It could be something as simple as touching up cracks on mouldings, or something as complex as rebuilding the whole kitchen. And of course, there are many projects that fall somewhere in between these examples. But for most any home improvement project that you’re attempting to take on yourself,

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Our new kitchen, week two; every cloud has a silver lining

Last week was always going to be challenging. Not only was it half term, but my wife was going to spend a few days in Scotland visiting her father who is recovering from an illness. This meant I would be flying solo with the kids while building work on our new kitchen was ongoing. The

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Our new, family-friendly kitchen; the builders move in

The preliminary work is done and we have crossed the point of no return; the kitchen has been removed from our family home. The builders have now moved it to take care of the heavy, technical work beyond my capabilities. My kids, wife and I are all very excited by this. We are all keen

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Giveaway! Win a uHoo air monitor #ad

Do you or anyone in your family have asthma or other allergies? If so, do you think you would benefit from a device that monitors the air quality within your home? If so, the uHoo air monitor could be the product for you. Better still, readers of Dadbloguk have a chance to win one, although

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