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Guest post; home improvements you can do

When it comes to home improvements, there is one feature that can add significant value to your home: wood flooring. There is a common misconception that installing flooring is a time consuming, difficult task; but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In some cases, new flooring can be installed in a day, making it an

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Home security; don’t take it for granted #ad

Like many families, we’ve just arrived back home after a few days away over Christmas. While away, one thing has been on my mind; the security of the family home. I never like being away over the festive period. A recent study by insurance giant Direct Line pinpointed several days in December as particular burglary hot

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How safe is your shed? (sponsored video)

According to DIY and home improvement giant Wickes, the contents of the average garden shed is worth £1,000. I’m sure you’ll agree that’s quite a lot and it would be financially painful having to replace those items if they were stolen. I recently had a major clear out of our shed so I know for

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Vileda steam mop review

With two young children, our kitchen and bathroom floors regularly take a hammering. Drinks and food get spilled in the kitchen and just yesterday my eldest daughter was involved in a freak toothpaste incident in the bathroom that involved a large dollop of it landing on the floor. The floors need a lot of attention

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How a wood burning stove has made me reflective

  Immediately after writing this blog post, I will be taking action to ensure my family does not freeze. This will involve going outside and chopping logs for our wood burning stove. It’s become a part of my early morning routine. Some days I’ve been so desperate to get the fire lit I’ve gone outside

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