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Equal Lives: Men, women, caring responsibilities and the workplace

Trying to balance caring responsibilities with employment is never easy. Going back several years, I had a part time job that I left when my eldest daughter started school. I tried to make it work for several months but my stress levels became worryingly high, despite my employer being very understanding.

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An unlikely route to better work/ life balance: Artificial foliage

Next time you are in a hotel or restaurant and admiring the artificial foliage, keep in mind that it may have been supplied by Mark Gurtler’s company, Greenbrokers. This former management consultant remembers his father working long hours away from the family home and didn’t want this lifestyle.

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Family Life & parenting

Did the summer holidays have to end?

After six weeks with no school run, yesterday was the day my darling children returned to school. Having dropped them off in the morning, I dashed home and excitedly got on with a variety of DIY tasks that I had been wanting to deal with all summer.

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Days out and travel

Organising a day out using the Trainline app

Disclosure: This is a commissioned post produced in association with Trainline. As a family, we tend to travel quite a bit. We have relatives in various locations across the UK and so we’re often catching trains to London, Scotland and the Cotswolds. During holiday periods, we travel even more and so we’re frequently on the

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