Once a parent, forever a parent

A few years ago, my mother told me she worries about my brothers and I more now we’re adults than she did when we were kids. As adults, the money troubles, relationship troubles and issues with our own children trump any concerns she had for us when we were youngsters and her concerns prove that once a parent, you are forever a parent.

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Izzy and I build a tower out of coins. It’s a creative way to get her thinking about money and saving for the future.

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Saving money with Aviva

Aviva, financial personality test.

If only I had this much pocket money all the time.

Money is a touchy subject in this household at the moment. Regular readers of the blog will no doubt be aware that we’re in the final stages of having a new, family-friendly kitchen installed.

As is often the case with such projects, we have over-spent. It’s not disastrous, but we are feeling the pain and Mrs Adams and I are wishing we had saved up more money before the works began. View Post

Innovation at Visa and teaching my children about money


One way to pay for your coffee. Pic credit below.

One of my kids’ favourite toys is a cash register. In addition to a tray for cash payments, it also has a pretend machine for taking card payments.

One of the things I find staggering is that my two daughters think nothing of taking card payments when playing shop keepers. They’ve seen mummy and daddy do it so often it’s just second nature to them. View Post

Budgeting for the family #MySaverStory

Natwest, #MySaverStory, family finances

Saving money can be present a challenge. Pic credit below (Number 1)


Saving money can be very difficult. Putting money aside seemed so easy when I was a kid but as an adult the cost of living makes it very hard indeed.

Luckily help is at hand from high street bank Natwest which has launched its #MySaverStory campaign. Before I come on to that, here I outline two saver stories from my past and one I will face in the near future. View Post

Infographic; children and family finances

How do you get your children talking about money and family finances? We try having such discussions with our edlest, but it sometimes a struggle.

Below is a useful infographic produced by specialist coupon website Vouchercodres.co.uk with ideas for encouraging discussions about money with your children. It’s been produced following a round table discussion organised by the company that I attended, with a number of other bloggers, to talk about pocket money. View Post