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Family Life & parenting

Arc en ciel

Why oh why has this blog post got a French headline? The reason is simple: Arc en ciel means rainbow in French and this picture was taken, yup, you guessed it, on a rainy day in France.

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Days out and travel

Spring sunset over the English Channel

On Friday we went on a family day trip to Calais, the first time we’d been in about a year. On the way back, I was treated to the sight this amazing sunset from the viewing deck of our ferry.

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Boulevard de la Resistance; I want to live here

There’s not a huge amount to tell you about this photograph, other than I love the uncompromising image conjured up by the street name. I took the picture a couple of weeks ago when my wife and two daughters went on a family day trip to Calais. It was a last minute thing, we didn’t

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How NOT to buy your children a trampoline

Those of you that follow me on twitter may have recently noticed some curious tweets relating to a trampoline I bought for the children and the trouble it caused me. As trampolines are in the news at the moment, this seems to be a good time to tell you what happened.

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Sunset over Dover harbour

The other day I was clearing old pictures from my phone. I deleted 260 in total. One of the images I decided to keep was this one. I took it on a family day trip to Calais a couple of months back. We were on a cross channel ferry and waiting to disembark. I’d completely

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