Ice photography tutorial

I’ve recently spent a lot of time focusing on the technical aspects of my photography. Very often, however, the subject matter is the crucial element of the image and that’s what I have concentrated on with this example of ice photography.

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A seasonal example of ice photography. The classic example is to photograph a flower frozen in ice, but I went for something a bit more festive.
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Kids and tech: Why our sat-nav moos like a cow.

I looked at my phone. I simply didn’t recognise it. The icons were in completely different places. I immediately guessed what had happened; Helen, my nine year old daughter, had been playing with it.

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Check out the perplexed look on my face. Why is this sat-nav mooing like a cow?

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Making my own aftershave with The Perfume Studio

I do love a good scent. It’s all very well liking aftershave, but could I create my own scent at home? With the help of The Perfume Studio, that’s exactly what I’ve done.

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The Perfume Studio ‘Design your own fragrance’ kit. It’s all very well liking a good fragrance, but could I create my own?

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A visit to Mayfield Lavender Farm

I fulfilled an ambition of mine this week. I paid a visit to Mayfield Lavender Farm on the London / Surrey border so I could practise my photography among the purple foliage of the lavender plants.

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A cabbage butterfly rests on a lavender plant at Mayfield Lavender farm.

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Reminiscing about my days as a single boy in London

I was given the ideal opportunity to reminisce the other day. I somehow managed to arrive early for a drink with a friend in London.

London, reminiscing, child free, single

Arriving early for a night out got me reminiscing about my younger days in London. Pic credit: Luis Llerena.

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