Styling my children’s hair: My fatherhood failing

It’s rare for me to claim I have anything in common with Prince William, but for once I can. The future monarch has admitted to watching YouTube tutorials to learn how to style Prince Charlotte’s hair. Having realised this is an area of fatherhood where I have been letting my daughters down, I have started doing the same.

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Girl’s hair care I can do. Hair styling, however, remain a mystery to me after all these years.
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When did hair care for girls get so complicated?

There’s an aspect of this parenting thing where I’m struggling. I would say failing, but that’s such a loaded word. The issue: hair care for girls, or my daughters to be more precise.

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Note the fish tail plait and highlights in Helen’s hair. This hair care thing is getting very complicated.

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Help! my child has tonsurephobia!

The following is a statement of fact: I am not a hairdresser. For some reason, however, Izzy, our three-year-old, has declared that I am the only person who can cut her hair.

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Do you see that fringe? I trimmed that!

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Hair bands; where on Earth do they all go?

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This pile represents about two day’s supply of hair bands in this household. Pic credit below.

As I was on the school run this morning I was able to tick off a list of “good parenting” attributes. My children were happy. They were in ironed, clean clothes and had just eaten a breakfast featuring the main food groups. Their teeth had been vigorously brushed and I was in the throes of planning an exciting play date for Helen, my eldest daughter (who is six).

As we neared the school, it all fell apart. You see I had absolutely no recollection of brushing Helen’s hair. I turned to my left and caught a glimpse of her. Sure enough, her hair was messy and hadn’t been tied back into a pony tail, the way she generally wears it these days (and the way her school expects long hair to be kept). View Post

Review: Mooshead hair shaping dough and gritty styling clay

Moosehead is an Australian brand. It specialises in hair styling products but it also produces a face wash plus deodorant (although the deodorant is only available in the UK market).

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Moosehead gritty styling clay and shaping dough. All the way from down under.

I was given the opportunity to test two of its hair care products; shaping dough and gritty styling clay. I hadn’t tested two such similar products at the same time before so was very interested to see how they would compare. I should also point out that these are just two products from the range as there are several. View Post