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Nursery and pre-school’s greatest hits

We’re into the summer holidays and every day that passes, Izzy gets closer to starting school and slowly but surely, she is disengaging from pre-school. We’ve already been through this with Helen, but now it’s the turn of her younger sister. I’ve been reminiscing about the many years my kids have spent attending nursery and

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Celebrities and dads with great hair

My hair has been getting a lot of attention recently. I was recently given a makeover by the guys at the London School of Barbering and just the other day celebrity stylist Daniel Johnson gave me the onceover at an event hosted by Braun. As a busy stay at home dad with two children (three

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Transformed, thanks to the London School of Barbering

I know the New Year celebrations seem a long time ago, but I started 2016 looking…a bit rough. The reason? I had been offered the chance to get my hair cut at the London School of Barbering. I was growing may hair on purpose so they could really go to town and give me a

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Hair bands; where on Earth do they all go?

As I was on the school run this morning I was able to tick off a list of “good parenting” attributes. My children were happy. They were in ironed, clean clothes and had just eaten a breakfast featuring the main food groups. Their teeth had been vigorously brushed and I was in the throes of

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